. All art grew from sorcery
. The art of sorcery captures not an image but channels a life force
. Sorcery is the black light born in a cave
. The dark flame ignited by currents of chaos
. Breathe fire, breathe in and breathe out
. There is always a transcendental outside
. The artist-sorceror is intoxicated and transformed by otherness
. Reach out for strong allies, human and non-human alike
. Sorcerous art is nourished by a planetary subversion
. Invert and confound what is above and what is below
. The universe is an open source that can be affected by sorcery
. Sorcerous art works trough the arousal of ecstasy and rage
. Meditate on dust and angry noise
. Plot against the violence of the light
. Do not use aesthetics as anesthetics
. Without conflict all things would cease to exist
. Spiritualize discontent
. Materialize disease
. Take your suffering and squeeze it into a precious black stone
. Wear a mask of ash, train to become invisible
. Work in silence and isolation
. Sorcery is an individual system based on deep, personal experiences
. Embrace contradictions
. Expose yourself, walk naked
. Fight the clean evil
. Distort and disrupt contemporary art practices
. Make love and war, not projects
. Conceive matter as bare life, raw power
. The gate of blackness
. The world is a source of unending agitation
. A place of bewilderment
. Be surprised by what you see
. Solitude, pain, dark metaphysics of revolt
. Sorcery is the ongoing insurrection
. Move like a warrior and become a master of the art of concealment
. Hide in the open, disguise occult experiences as art
. Summon elemental and planetary forces
. Identify with the poisoned earth, embody the sickness, be contagious
. Sorcery kills and cures
. Restore the world in ravaging beauty
. Collect lightning and thunder, raise a storm
. Assist the universe in its fight against the world system
. Sorcery is only the beginning of something else yet to come
. The long-term vision of the sorcerous art stretches over vast amounts of time
. Past and future are part of the living everyday world
. Leave the door open
. Death is essential
. Eternity always present
. Decide when to strike