Poison Oracle

Poison Oracle
Limited edition of 25 extendable books

Silkscreen-printed by Le 7e Oeil
Size 56x17cm | 15 double-sided pages | 3 colors | rugged hardcover
270cm long unfolded
Published with the support of Focuna, the National Cultural Fund, Luxembourg

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April 5th 2019
Book presentation
La Pugiliste Noire.
Willem Dreespark 312
Den Haag The Netherlands
Curator: Ibrahim Ineke

Poison Oracle Book 1
Poison Oracle Book 2
Excerpt 2


Samedi 3 février 2018
Trois C-L
Centre de Création Choréographique Luxembourgeois


Passages through the skin (Excerpts)

A sabbatic dance performance, haunting live music and an encompassing art installation collapse into a single, mesmerizing event; a night lighted in primal red.

Alkistis Dimech: Passages through the skin

Dancing fantasmata into flesh, the choreographer and artists explore the interaction of fantasm (image/ghost) with matter in the moving body; the communication that arises through these interactions between insides and outsides, viscera and skin, memory and presence, and the mediums that bind them: sound, light, breath.

Angelo Mangini & Kevin Muhlen: Away from that line, In toward the earth

Music as a vibrational force, an abstract sorcery, unbound and forever moving between immediate and future experience; sonic lifeforms, both physical and spectral, affect and contaminate with an intensity that converts the human body into a space for resonance.

Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert: Poison Oracle

Painting and video installation on metamorphosis and the black art of poisoning; a meditation on the creative-destructive process of personal and suprapersonal change; a poiesis of violation, infection and elemental disturbance.

* The installation includes The Host, a piece produced in association with artist and costume designer Katie Pollard who also created the dress for Alkistis’ performance.

Poison Oracle 22