Gast Bouschet is an artist and occult philosopher born in Luxembourg in 1958. Since the 1980s, alone or in collaboration with Nadine Hilbert, he has created a complex body of work that challenges the fundamental principles underlying structure, visibility and power. His work spans a wide range of media, including photography, sound, video, painting, sculpture and writing. Bouschet’s art has been presented in some 300 solo and group exhibitions worldwide. In 2009, he represented Luxembourg at the 53rd Venice Biennale together with his partner Nadine Hilbert. In 2021, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg appointed Gast Bouschet a Knight of the Order of Merit. In recent years, Bouschet has increasingly focused on sorcerous interventions, which he carries out in the Ardennes Forest away from the public eye.

Contact: linkingwithdemons@gmail.com