This death that is so final. This rebirth that is not yet.

DSC_0449 DW
DSC_0348 DW
DSC_0364 DW
DSC_0319 DW
DSC_0608 DW

DSC_0283 DW
DSC_0313 DW

DSC_01715 DW
DSC_0108 DW

DSC_0191 DW
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DSC_01709 DW

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DSC_0331 DW
DSC_0317 DW
DSC_0206 DW
DSC_0050 W
DSC_0065 W2
DSC_0130 W
DSC_0265 DW
DSC_0190 DW
DSC_0099 DW
DSC 00355 DW
DSC_0097 DW
DSC_0352 DW
DSC_0025 DW
DSC_0090 DW
DSC_0033 W
DSC_0397 D2W
DSC_0279 DW
DSC_0042 DW
DSC_0022 DW

So it begins