Unground Redux @ CubeSpace Taipei
Eight channel video installation
Music by Stephen O'Malley
Curator: Kevin Muhlen
CubeSpace, Taipei, Taiwan
Sept.11 - Nov 23, 014

TheCube Project Space of Taipei, in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, is pleased to present on September 11th UNGROUND, an 8-channel audio-visual installation by Luxembourgish artist-duo Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert. Kevin Muhlen, artistic director of Casino Luxembourg, where the exhibition had its first reveal in 2012, is curating the Taipei exhibition.

Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert have recreated UNGROUND for its premier in Taipei. A more highly integrated, 8-channel video installation narrates the liquefaction of solid matter into a complexity of flows. Images symbolically interweave references to the alchemical process of dissolution, immersing viewers in a pronounced feeling that the entire global civilization is melting away.


The basis of UNGROUND is a collection of filmed images captured by Bouschet and Hilbert in London and Iceland between 2010 and 2014. The two have since woven the images of these two very different places and environments into a dialectic, visual narrative that juxtaposes modern urbanity with the forces of nature. Images in the former category focus on London’s Financial District and its frenetic streams of professionals scuttling to and fro. Images in the latter focus on the concurrent eruption of an Icelandic volcano as well as on scenes of that country’s glaciers and open landscapes. Black-and-white images capture the spasmodic convulsions inherent to our global economy while highlighting the underlying conflict between the human and the natural environment as well as the implications of this conflict. The exhibition’s side-by-side examination of this epic conflict dialectically dissects, and bears witness to, humanity’s unrestrained exploitation of planet earth and our ultimate, collective fate.

The sound accompaniment to UNGROUND in Taipei was designed and produced by Stephen O’Malley

Scott Walker + Sunn O)))

Herod 2014

Artwork designed by Stephen O’Malley
Photography by Gast Bouschet