Main Hall - February 26 - March 15, 2015

The Darling Foundry presents Unground, an immersive multi-channel video installation bursting with references to the mineral understructures of the modern metropolis, financial meltdowns, thawing glaciers, archaic caves and volcanic, arctic wastelands at the border of the inhabitable world. It is an invitation to feel, think and meditate the forces which have cut off human beings from the rest of nature. Our civilisation has reached a crisis point – the surface of our planet has been profoundly transformed by economies of excess and capitalist consumerism. As a result, Unground has transformed these feelings of alienation and cultural estrangement into sorcerous gestures of insurrection. It reevaluates experiences of anger and discontent in order to face the threats of a civilization that is heading towards the abyss. The video installations, representing both modern city infrastructures and inhabitable Arctic wildernesses, offer an alternative understanding of our world beyond the limits of capitalist realism. They suggest a manner of resistance and dissent, opening a gateway to a dark and secret realm charged with new freedoms and possibilities.

See more at http://fonderiedarling.org/en/Unground.html

Unground @ CubeSpace Taipei
Music by Stephen O'Malley
CubeSpace, Taipei, Taiwan
Sept.11 - Nov 23, 014
Curator: Kevin Muhlen