Metamorphic Earth in Plasticity of the Planet
Music by Stephen O’Malley
Ujazdowski Castle
Centre for Contemporary Art
Jazdów 2, 00–467 Warsaw
Curator: Jarosław Lubiak

Partial Condensed Preview:

The work deliberately juxtaposes, and, in doing so, introduces the vector of contagion as the profound secret of all existence. The world throngs with life, even as we witness the sixth mass extinction, the mass production of desire and the standardisation of those objects of desire as commodities and illusions. The pandemic rises from beneath the City through the secret passages that open into the bodies whose hubris proclaims them masters of the universe. A curse is worked, up from the belly of the earth and down from the catastrophe of the heavens answering in response. Here then is sorcery as art, it is art renewing itself as an occult practice through the placing of a deliberate curse, having rediscovered both necessity and mystery. Purpose is only ever found in the deep work of the abyss where few will ever venture; it is our place in the drama of existence and non-existence which the work of Bouschet and Hilbert initiate us into, in what is an unequalled and profoundly transformative Gesamtkunstwerk. It is no longer a question of picking a side, ideology is absent, granting us a biopolitics whose theology is of a world inoculated with entities whose liberation is absolute and unstoppable.

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A series of still and moving images that should be understood as a logbook recording experiential encounters with the forest, void meditations and practices of deep looking, silent workings at the sanctuary of death, mystical counterpolitics and new strategies for chthonic insurrection.

Black Burnt
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So it begins