Into the eternal forest I go, utterly hollowed out and insignificant. I feed my fluids and substances to all beings. I sacrifice my mortal body to live in its shadow. I cut off my human head and devote myself to the empty darkness that it leaves behind. This is the anarchic transition into nameless power and freedom; a fertile breeding ground for the outburst of the masses. The coming insurrection will rise from the chthonic depths of the universe. I invite you, magical revolutionaries and black alchemists, to explore the extreme possibilities of immanent connections and becomings. I call on you to embark on a journey into undifferentiated blackness where all things morph into each other. If we succeed in tapping into the flows of experience that move below the threshold of the human, we will be transmuted from a singular to a multiform identity. Visita Interiora Terrae and by multiplying infinitely thou shall attain the elixir of immortality. It is only from a position of radical equality that we can launch the sacred conspiracy that will free the body from its head and the earth from its masters.

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Sept. 2021

To be continued…