I tried to explain my views on art and alchemical sorcery to Yannick Franck, who visited me in the Ardennes Forest with a small film crew. In an extensive conversation, we talked about, among other things, how to resist being taken over by the art world, how to use light and sound vibrations to destabilise and alter perception, about the blackness and metaphysics of matter that underlie my work, about disintegration into something other than death, about planetary communism, and about the obsolescence of magic circles that are supposed to protect us from the intrusion of foreign forces.

The film documents in dark atmospheric images how the forest slowly takes possession of my decaying sculptural work, shows fragments of my crude paintings and integrates footage of some of my earlier video installations. I hope it will be interesting to juxtapose the museum works with what I am realising here and now in the Ardennes, but the visual focus is on how art changes when exposed to time and the elements. Some of the older works are already almost completely destroyed and overgrown, while other newer works will remain standing for some time until they too are taken over by the forest and transformed into alchemical base matter.

Director: Yannick Franck
Videographer: Camille Filleux
Sound engineer: Antoine Vandendriessche