Festival Muzykofilia: cosmoS-ONI-Copernicus
Dwór Artusa
Toruń, Poland

The 7th edition of the festival Muzykofilia is dedicated to the 550th birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus. The invited artists interpret the cosmos in new and unexpected ways or refer directly to the works of the Toruń native.

The Rising is a multi-sensory spell created together by musician Yannick Franck and visual artist Gast Bouschet. Franck’s sonic incantations are accompanied by a video shot by Bouschet, inspired by one of his alchemical poems that aims to make the inner life of the body participate in a dark, sacred network. The performance feeds on cosmically related but often contradictory forces and ideas that do not cancel each other out but rise to a new level of connection.

There’s more to come…